The normalization of excessive drinking in the 'Mommy Wine Culture' almost took me down because OOooPs... I got addicted.

Over the last 20 years, the US has seen a dramatic increase in alcohol use – and that surge is mainly among women. Big alcohol is specifically targeting their products to stressed-out Moms under the guise that drinking alcohol will make their struggles more manageable (or even disappear).

Internet memes and products have reinforced the message, encouraging and normalizing drinking alcohol to take the edge off of parenting with mantras like "mommy fuel" or "I wine because my kids whine."  At the root of the culture is a message to medicate your nerves, your anxiety, your depression and turn to a bottle for comfort.

I bought into the Mommy Wine Culture contorted narrative that wine was my key to survival being a parent.  At the end of a hard day, I managed a career, a home, and a family and 'Mama Needs Wine!' I felt like I earned the right to drink every night; I felt like I deserved it until "Mommy Wine Time" turned into every-night-time.

Rewarding myself with alcohol proved to be the beginning of the end - six loads of laundry on a Wednesday? Mama earned her cocktails! My drinking slowly escalated from one glass of wine to 3, sometimes four on any given night and more on the weekends. But I wasn't drinking that much more than my Mommy Wine friends, I would assure myself. 

I started to think about drinking all the time, and on days where I promised myself I wouldn't drink, I would find myself pouring yet another glass by 5pm. "Just one, I'm only going to have one tonight" - like a tape on repeat.

Did "Rose' All Day" t-shirts and "Mama Needs Wine" hoodies make me drink alcoholically? Of course not, but the suggestive messaging is a perfect breeding ground for the millions of women who have the propensity to become dependent on alcohol, like me. The wine culture narrative normalizes drinking alcohol as a coping mechanism, period.

Somewhere along the lines, we have missed that alcohol is one of the most highly addictive drugs on the face of the planet. This mind-altering legal substance is responsible for 2.8 million deaths annually worldwide and is deadlier than all other illicit drugs combined.

Yet, drinking alcohol has become so grossly normalized that it is difficult to distinguish someone who is medicating their depression, anxiety, and stress just following social norms.

Despite popular belief, moms don't need wine for anything, and SOBER is NORMAL!

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