Choosing to quit drinking alcohol before she hit a proverbial "rock bottom" seemed like a radical decision to most -- 

Megan Camille is a self-proclaimed survivor of the Mommy Wine Culture. With no fear or shame, she shares her story about how she caught her alcohol addiction early. She didn't have to hit the proverbial rock bottom to wake up and realize alcohol was no longer serving her.

In hopes it will inspire others to question their relationship with alcohol sooner, she started writing honestly about her journey to getting sober and staying sober in her pro-sobriety communities on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms contain her writings, daily inspiration, and support that are followed and loved by thousands. 

Megan created the Sober Not Sorry brand to encourage more people to be out-loud-and-proud of their sobriety, whatever the reason. With the gross normalization of drinking alcohol, we have forgotten that sober, our natural state, is normal - not the other way around! Megan believes it is time to glamorize (and normalize) sobriety not as a trend but as a pillar of mental and physical health.

Megan experienced that living a sober lifestyle has made her feel powerful, not powerless. Significantly less anxiety, NO HANGOVERS, better sleep, improved complexion, and being more present with family and friends are just a few things that she continues to enjoy and cherish about living alcohol-free.

"I believe that by shining a light on SOBRIETY, whatever your reason, we might have a chance to inspire, empower and motivate others to question their relationship with alcohol much sooner," Megan said. "It is my dream to re-brand & normalize sobriety while empowering and inspiring others to become alcohol-free."