I quickly found that choosing to quit drinking alcohol before I hit a proverbial "rock bottom" seemed like a radical decision to most -- 

As my drinking escalated, so did my day-to-day anxiety and I found myself caught in a vicious loop. I began medicating anxiety that only the alcohol was causing.  Laura McKowen, "We are the Luckiest" author, describes drinking alcohol like "pouring gasoline on your anxiety." 

As my mental and physical health started to deteriorate, I realized that continuing to drink was hurting me, not helping me.  Drinking alcohol was no longer serving me - it wasn't adding to my life, it was taking away from my life.  So I reached out, got support and quit drinking January 2019. 

Sobering up has been the greatest gift I have ever given to myself and my family and today I am unapologetically alcohol-free!

I have experienced that living a sober lifestyle has made me feel powerful, not powerless. I know, I was shocked too.  I have significantly less anxiety, more clarity day-to-day, vivid memories, more confidence, NO HANGOVERS, better sleep, improved complexion, being more present with my family and friends -- are just a few things that I continue to enjoy and cherish about living alcohol-free. 

I am PROUD to be sober! It's a choice I celebrate everyday and live in full color!  With the gross normalization of drinking alcohol, we have forgotten that sober, our natural state, is normal - not the other way around! It's time we glamorize (and normalize) sobriety not as a trend but a pillar of mental and physical health.👊💪.

We can't fix addiction until we fix the social stigma that accompanies being sober. I believe that by shining a light on SOBRIETY, we might have a chance to inspire, empower and motivate people to question their own relationship with alcohol much sooner. 

"It is my dream to re-brand & normalize sobriety while empowering and inspiring others to become alcohol-free."

- Megan