Drinking and the 3AM Wake Up Call.

Awww yes, the 3am beat down. I thought I was suffering panic attacks. I told my friends I had insomnia. I told my husband I had nightmares. Nope. It was the alcohol I was feeding my body every night and my bodies natural response to it.

To counteract the depressant drug, your body releases a load of cortisol into your system to try and regain homeostasis (normalcy). Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone. That rush of adrenaline you get in a flight or fight situation? That’s cortisol.

The flood of cortisol into my system is what woke me up almost every single night toward the end of my drinking. I would spend a good 1-2 hours trying to calm myself down while I crucified myself over my past failures and regrets.

Now that I am alcohol-free? No alcohol?
That’s right, No 2:30 wake up calls. None. I sleep through the night. This was one of the immediate changes that I noticed when I stopped drinking.

Another reason I am never going back. No poison for me, thanks! ❤️

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