Not Today Satan!

Oh Common' it's just one drink!

For me, the temptation to have another drink is similar to the way I feel when I see a particular brand of sweet and salty popcorn at Costco. I bought it one time, and I will never repurchase it. I see the blue and white bag on the end aisle winking at me and turn my head. It is so delicious, if I start eating it, just a few kernels, the bag doesn't stand a chance! I end up way overeating almost every single time.

It's no different with alcohol.

The two things, while they are different, are very much the same. Both are not good for my health, neither have any nutritional value whatsoever, and I have a hard time stopping either one once I start.

I could say the same for Doritos, chocolate molten lava cake, and the bread from Not Your Average Joes. We all have particular foods we avoid on end aisles and at our favorite restaurants, in fear of self-sabotage! We can all relate to this scenario, so why is alcohol any different?

It's not! I avoid alcohol altogether because it is so much easier to have none. I am no more ashamed about not being able to resist another drink as I would be not having the strength to resist another handful of that popcorn!

Oh Common' it's just one chip! It's only one bite of cake, for God's sake! Aren't you going to have any bread? Oh please, it's just ONE drink…

Sorry, not today, Satan! Today I choose myself.

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