I Put My Drink Down, So I Could Pick Up My Self-Esteem.

4 years ago today, I woke up with another massive hangover. I used the stress and anxiety of a presidential election as an excuse to drink and stay up until 3am. I woke up feeling battered, depleted and small. Even more anxious, stressed out and slow.
Drinking too much alcohol was like pouring gasoline on the mix of unsettled emotions that I was already experiencing. The alcohol made everything 10x worse and made my life seem more dramatic than it actually was.
This year, I put the drink down and accepted the fact that the chips will fall where they will fall. Destroying my body and mind with alcohol will not change the outcome. It will not make things better or more exciting or calm and easier to handle. It will do nothing but make ME feel like shit.
I woke up this year with a sense of hope and gratitude. That no matter what the outcome of the election is, I am going to be ok. My self esteem and confidence is in tact, so is my dignity. I will be able to handle whatever comes my way because I am sober.

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