Green Juice and Rocket Fuel Don't Mix.

The global health and wellness market is projected to reach $4.94 trillion in 2020. We are obsessed with feeling younger, looking younger and living our best life. Yet, as a culture we still consume alcohol at alarming rates. It doesn’t make any sense.
When I was drinking, I was more concerned about the ingredients in my coffee creamer than I was about the copious amount of jet fuel I was feeding my body on the daily. I ate kale smoothies, regularly exercised and avoided artificial sweetener. I had no idea how sick alcohol was making me until I quit drinking it.
Alcohol negatively impacts every single cell it touches when consumed. There are ZERO health benefits to drinking alcohol. The American Cardiology Association has completely walked back on the weak evidence they had decades ago that 5 oz of red wine is “heart healthy.” However, we still cling to that message to this day as an excuse to drink. I wanted to believe it so badly, even though I have never poured a 5oz glass of wine in my entire life!🤣🍷
Alcohol is also a Class 1 carcinogen, same as Tobacco, and significantly raises the risk of 7 different kinds of cancers including breast cancer. Yet last month we see pink champagne being served at breast cancer charity events!?!
Living alcohol-free is not a limitation, it is a gateway to our better health, our wellness and living our best life — and it doesn’t cost a penny. ☕️☕️💪Image may contain: text that says 'Allthegreenjuice, green juice, yoga, meditation and gmo, plant based things in the world will NOT make putting ethanol into your body Carly Benson any less toxic.'

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